«The Reign of Law»

Conditions for publications


(Approved by the Editorial Board of the journal “The Power of Law”

№1 of 27 January 2016 with subsequent amendments)


1. The content of the article should correspond to the topics of the journal. Themes are largely connected with the discussion of topical issues of civil law, theory and history of formation and development of private law institutions, as well as the problems of the relation of public and private interests of participants of civil turnover.

The journal "The Power of Law" has the following sections:

- "Actual problems of modern law";

- "Legal science and practice of CIS countries";

- "Legal science and practice of the Republic of Crimea";

- "Tribune of Young Scientists";

- "The criticism and review."

Stated thematic sections of the journal do not limit the choice of authors in publishing topics, as in the presence of interesting, relevant material issues discussed in the framework of the journal can be expanded.

2. For publishing articles are accepted, that have never been published. The originality of the text should not be less than seventy percent.

3. The authors of published articles are responsible for the accuracy of submitted facts, statistical data, proper names and other information, as well as for the publication of materials that are not subject to open publication. The author provides the manuscript in print, printed on paper and signed by him to the chief editor of the journal.

4. Presenting the manuscript of his article to the editors, the author is bound not to publish it in whole or in part in any other publication without the consent of the publisher.

5. The editors reserve the right not to publish the article when it is not relevant to the content of the journal profile, or executed in violation of the procedure and conditions of publication. In the case of rejection the author is sent a reasoned refusal. Authors are entitled to a revision of the article or its replacement by another material. Materials sent to the editor, do not come back.

6. Publication of the article is accomplished in accordance with the journal release schedule, which defines the terms of reception of materials and their output. The journal is published at least four times a year, on a quarterly basis. Articles are accepted on a set schedule:

- №1 (March) - by February 1 of the current year;

- №2 (June) - by May 1 of the current year;

- №3 (September) - by August 1 of the current year;

- №4 (December) - by  November 1of the current year.

Selection of materials for the current number is determined by editorial plan.

7. All articles posted on the website of the journal “The Power of Law" and the Research Institute of the actual problems of modern law (SRI CRR), are publicly available and can be used for quoting, copying, printing and other non-commercial use in compliance with copyright. Articles of the journal "The Power of Law" are placed in the RISC (elibrary.ru), and some of them in the PCA "Consultant Plus".

The editorial board welcomes the commitment of authors in their scientific publications, including previously recorded in the RISC system to take into account the positions of other authors of articles published in "The Power of Law".


1. The article submitted for publication should be independent, complete, characterized by internal unity, study of actual problems associated with columns (subjects) of the journal; have scientific novelty; contain the formulation and solution of problem; reflect the main results of scientific research.

2. Comply with the rules of registration.

3. The text of the article is carefully read, the author is responsible for originality and theoretical level of the published material.

4. Publication in the journal "The Power of Law" is free.


1. The text should be typed in text editor Word, font Times New Roman, font size - 14, line spacing - single, indention - 1.25 cm, margins top, bottom, left, right - 2 cm, a continuous numbering of pages starting with the first.

2. The paper should be at least six, but no more than 15 pages - for postgraduates and candidates; 20 pages - for authors who have a PhD or a doctorate.

3. The number of authors of one article should not exceed three.

4. The scientific article is peer reviewed according to the Regulations on the procedure for reviewing the manuscripts submitted for publication in the scientific journal "The Power of Law" (approved by the chief editor of November, 20, 2015).

5. Article should contain the following elements, designed in accordance with the requirements of the journal:

- UDC;

- title of the article in Russian and English;

- surname and initials of the author (s) in Russian and English;

- position and place of work of the author (s) in Russian and English;

- annotation in Russian, made in accordance with the journal's requirements. For placing on the English version of the journal site and RISC system there should be a quality translation of the annotation and title of the article into English, in compliance with the rules of grammar and spelling. Translation using computer programs and websites is not allowed. The annotation must be informative (not contain common words), original, meaningful (reflecting the main content of the article and the results of research), structured (follow the logic description of the results in the paper), compact (stowed in the amount of 50 to 100 words);

- 7-10 key words in Russian and English;

- list of references (bibliography). In the original scientific article there must be at least seven references to different sources. Federal and other laws are not specified in the list of references (bibliography). Author’s self-citation is admitted no more than 10% in volume of the total number of bibliographic citation from sources list. Links to electronic resources that do not specify the author of material, statistical blue books, regulations are submitted in page footnotes and are not specified in bibliography.

6. All references in the article to literature and other sources should be made in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 7.0.5-2008 "System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Bibliography link. General requirements and rules." References in the article text - footnotes carried out from the text down the strip (in a footnote), font of references - Times New Roman, font size - 12, single line spacing.

8. Application signed by each author and text of the article in the Microsoft Word format in electronic form are sent to the editorial board by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to check for compliance with the formal criteria. After verification originals of the article signed by the author (s) and all accompanying documents are submitted on the address: 350044, Krasnodar, Kalinina str, 13, KubSAU, main building, room 307 (the recipient - Professor Vladimir P. Kamyshansky). Documents in hard copy (paper) must fully comply with the electronic version.

Application on the publication of the article

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