«The Reign of Law»

Issue # 2 (30) 2017

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We're announcing the last issue of «The Reign of Law» # 2 (30) 2017.


Editor's column

Kamyshansky V. P. Renewable sources of energy and energy-saving: social and legal aspect (by the ex-ample of Krasnodar Krai) - 14

Actual problems of modern law

Paraskevova S. A. Decisions of arbitration courts on casesarising from administrative and other public relationships and considered in summary proceed-ings: problems of law enforcement practice - 26

Kvacheva P. I., Bagdasarjan S. D. The formation of the law enforcement activities associated with the pro-tection of public order during the formation of the Soviet state - 34

Leskova J. G., Kotov I. V. On the issue of optimization of the system of non-profit organizations’ property formation sources - 43

Mohov A. A. Legal support and legal protection of subjects of micro-entrepreneurship - 53

Ryzhenkov A. J. L. Duguit’s solidaristic philosophy of civil law - 60

Abdrashitov V. M. The legal doctrine of the presumption of nnocence in modern Russia - 72

Alekseeva A. P., Anisimov A. On the concept and classifi-cation of the types of ecological terrorism - 84

Filippov P. M., Kalinina N. N. A new definition of children’s orphanhood under the current Russian legislation - 99

Anisimov V. A. Theoretical issues of the definition of the basis of the consumer’s legal status - 106

Embulaeva N. J., Mihajlik A. A. The legal doctrine as a source of law and law enforcement - 115

Gerasimov O. A. Legislation of the concept of enterprise activity and its relation to the concept of production activity - 124

Zarubin A. V. Levying of execution on a share in common ownership - 136

Ruzanova V. D. «The zones of co-regulation» in the fields of civil law and family law: a conflicts problem - 144

Shehovcova A. S. On the registration of the agreement on assignment of the right for monetary requirement arising from the contract of lease subject to state registration - 155

Legal science and practice of CIS countries

Ryzhik A. V. Some trends of development of the doctrine of the owner’s interests as an object of institution-alization - 165

Legal science and practice of Republic of Crimea

Semenova E. G. Legal regime of subsoil plot as an object of civil rights - 177

Socio-legal mechanisms of energy saving

Kamyshansky V. P., Serebryakova S. A. Social and legal aspects of responsibility for unaccounted energy consumption - 191

Maruhno V. M., Rudenko E. Y. Using of renewable sources of energy: social, legal and economic aspects - 203

Young scientists’ tribune

Abarinova M. D. Classification of transgressive transactions and the scope of their application in civil law - 212

Borodinov V. V. Some features of the exercise of the servi-tor’s powers in case of a conflict of interests - 222

Varshavskaya L. Y. Functions and types of price in con-tract law - 229

Makarov V. O. The notion and features of legal procedures - 235

Ryazanova V. V. On legal and doctrine conceptions of de-fining the notion of intellectual property - 243

Gurova E. A. The notion of the creditor’s liabilities - 252

Emuhvari R. R. Determination of the contentof contractu-al rights for pledge - 258

Critique and Reviews

Lahno P. G. Review on the monograph by R. A. Amerkhanova, V. P. Kamyshansky, D. A. Kozyukova and B. K. Tsygankov «Normative and technical and legal regulation of renewable sources of energy in present-day conditions» (Krasnodar: KUBSAU, 2017. 104 P.) - 270

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