«The Reign of Law»

Issue # 3 (31) 2017

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We're announcing the last issue of «The Reign of Law» # 3 (31) 2017.


Editor's column

Kamyshansky V. P. To the 80th birthday of Doctor of Law, Professor Zinoviy Ivanovich Tsybulenko - 14

Actual problems of modern law

Inshakova A. O., Kagal'nickova N. V. Conditionality of the legal status of legislative recognition of the powers of state corporations to implement public functions - 22

Ryzhenkov A. Y. About a concept and contents of the new legal cate-gory "civil law and order" - 32

Gerasimov O. A. On the question of the methodology of determining the effectiveness of legal regulations of relations in the real sector of economics - 45

Kicai Y. A. Efficiency of the mechanism of legal regulation of socially important markets - 56

Kozhokar' I. P. Axiological defects of the normative subsystem of the mechanism of civil law regulations - 69

Lipinskij D. A., Chuklova E. V. The issue of alternative sanctions in civil law - 93

Shmakov V. N., Sterlingov A. V The question of the relationships between public and private interests in cases of conflicts in the public service: theoretical and legal aspects - 108

Mikrjukov V. A. On practical application of the article 333 of Civil code of the Russian Federation - 121

Dolgopolov K. A., Dzhamalova B. B. The questions about the types of punishment imposed for computer crime - 137

Novikov R. V., Popova V. V. The main approaches to the legal regulations of the rights to public property in the leg-islative systems of France and Germany and domestic legislation - 146

Legal science and practice of CIS countries

Murtazakulov D. S., Kurbonov K. Sh. The principle of good faith in civil law: the prerequisites and foundation for the emergence - 157

Socio-legal mechanisms of energy saving

Kolomiec E. A. Legal regulations of energy supply and energy saving: social aspect - 184

Kamyshansky V. P., Kusainova A. K. Efficiency of the law-making process in the regulation of relations in the field of energy conservation (the case of the Krasnodar region) - 190

Young scientists’ tribune

Abdurahmanov S. A. Preconditions and results of the reform of the insolvency (bankruptcy) legislation of business entities in the Russian Federation - 208

Nizamova G. H. The doctrine of consistent behavior (estoppel) as a legal way of convalidation of voidable transaction - 217

Filonov A. V. The problems of legal regulations of the debt collection in the Russian Federation - 224

Girich E. A. The development of pension provision in the presoviet period - 232

Gulik A. G. Research of peculiarities of hermeneutics in legal science in the works of Emilio Betti -244

Panchenko P. V. Theoretical and methodological approaches to the determination of the place of the principle of cooperation of the parties in the principles of civil law - 252

Ruban D. E., Cechoev V. K. The influence of system of crimes on the development of repressive system of penalties in feudal inquisitional court in Russian empire - 270

Samohvalova A. J. Credit institution and its director as the legal entities for financial recovery - 281

Critique and Reviews

Tuzhilova-Ordanskaja E. M., Novikova S. V. Review of monography Ryzhik A. V. "Institutionalization-prosecution of owners 'interests" (Minsk: publishing house "Belarusian science", 2017. - 370 p.) - 292


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