«The Reign of Law»

Issue #1 (29) 2017

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We're announcing the last issue of «The Reign of Law» #1 (29) 2017.

Obituary ………. 13
Editor's column
Kamyshansky V. P. Self-regulatory activities as an object of civil legal rights: limits and limitations 18
Actual problems of modern law
Deriugina T. V. Collision resolution issues in regulation of corporate relations 28
Kamyshansky V. P., Ogurtsova K. S. Acquisition of land plots for individual housing construction . 37
Leskova Y. G. On issue of protecting rights and interests of a debtor in contractual obligations . 47
Ryzhenkov A. Y. Actual problems of implementation of principle of biological diversity conservation 56
Umanskaya V. P. Balance of public and private interests in administrative law . 69
Abdrashitov V. M. Impact of judical reform of 1864 on the subsequent development of the principle of presumption of innocence in the tsarist Russia . 80
Gerasimov O. A. Legal means of providing business activi-ty in the real sector of the economy . 90
Davidova M. L., Kushniruk R. P. Digital informing as a form of e-democracy: peculiarities of legal regula-tion . 101
Dolgopolov K. A., Magomedov G. B. Application of other measures of criminal law: theoretical aspects 117
Osmanov M. H. Measures of civil liability for causing harm to environment . 125
Parshina N. V. Legal regulation of land property within the Black Sea Kuban Cossack troops (late 18th – early 19th century) . 130
Rudenko E. Y. Conceptions of trade and trading activities in works of pre-revolutionary and Soviet civil law specialists . 135
Chernyadyeva N. A. On necessity of matching of concept “international terrorist organization” in regional in-ternational organizations of Post-Soviet space (CSTO, CSO, CIS) 144
Legal science and practice of CIS countries
Skryabin S. V. Invalidity of transactions and its consequences . 157
Legal science and practice of Republic of Crimea
Mokrushin V. I., Alyabyshev M. S. Some problems of arbi-tration trials in the republic of Crimea with partici-pation of banks of Ukraine 187
Young scientists’ tribune
Atnabaeva Y. V. On issue of risk contracts and contin-gent transactions correlation . 196
Akinfieva V. V. Security payment and deposit in system of ways of ensuring the execution of obligations 206
Gaimaleeva A. T. Urgent problems of ensuring legal pro-tection of interests of citizens which are treaty par-ty of consumer loan. 216
Ostroukhova V. V. Notarization of transactions: problems and ways of their solution . 225
Slyusarev A. V. Right of permanent (perpetual) use in sys-tem of proprietary rights . 234
Turchin I. G. Possession and tenure in system of proprie-tary rights . 240
Critique and Reviews
Kamyshansky V. P., Marukhno V. M. Review of mono-graph by V. A. Rybakov «Theory of civil law func-tions (methodological and educational aspects)» (M.: Statut, 2015. – 135 p.) 248

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