«The Reign of Law»

Issue #4 (28) 2016

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We're announcing the last issue of «The Reign of Law» #4 (28) 2016.

Editor's column
Kamyshansky V. P. Development strategy of Russian sci-ence by 2035: Where do we go or roll? ………. . 15
Actual problems of modern law
Kamyshansky V. P., Sedova N. A. Development concept of civil legislation of the Russian Federation on building leasehold . 22
Barkov A. V. On necessity of corporate legal support of interaction of social oriented non-profit organi-zations and small business entities on market of social services . 34
Popova Y. A., Ilyushnikov D. S. Basic forms of mediation: pre-trial and trial . 46
Shepel T. V., Tkachenko T. V. Participation of citizens rec-ognized incapable due to mental disorder in marital
legal relationship 58
Ayusheeva I. Z. On issue of legal forms of non-profit or-ganizations . 67
Didenko A. A. On validity of concession contract of penal-ty clause rights after fulfillment of share building contract’s delay . 81
Korolev I. I. Performance of requirements in respect of Russian Treasure. Civil legal regimes and issues of concern . 92
Luneva E. V., Bikeev A. A. On essence of legal provisions of constitutional court of the Russian Federation and their role in rule-making activity . 101
Tkachenko T. V. Implementation of housing law by citi-zens at recognition their housing unsuitable for liv-ing or emergency . 114
Hovrina L. V., Polenov R. V. Sources of legal regulation of subsurface resources management 131
Rassokhina A. A. Implementation of principles of justice as an element of human rights policy 139
Legal science and practice of Republic of Crimea
Ignatov A. N. Perfection of crime counteracting mechanism as a constituent of national safety securing 147
Mokrushin V. I., Kostylev V. V. Questions of insolvency (bankruptcy) in the Crimea after reunification with Russia 157
Young scientists’ tribune
Arhireeva A. S. Genesis of institute of domestic public service 170
Avdonina O. S. On issue of consequences proportionality of violation of exclusive rights on example of legal entity liquidation as a defense method 182
Abarinova M. D. Potestative transactions: some questions of theory application practice 189
Buglak V. V. Initial stage of formation of legislation on equity securities in the Russian Federation . 200
Voroshilova G. G. Claim for recognition of property rights as a way of protection of property rights 208
Kochetkova T. Y. Claim of recognition of property rights to real estate and its place among proprietary pro-tection methods 215
Ladygina V. P. Principal doctrinal approaches to concept and types of notarial functions 228
Popova K. E. Content of concept «grain» in Russian civil law . 240
Hathohu R. M. On issue of definition and legal nature of optional agreements .249
Sohacheva M. S. Features of approval of major trans-actions and related party transactions 257
Critique and Reviews
Kamyshansky V. P., Sedova N. A. Review of monograph by T. S. Yatsenko «Civil legal protection of public interests» (M.: Statut, 2016. – 312 p.) . 266

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