«The Reign of Law»

Issue #3 (27) 2016

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We're announcing the last issue of «The Reign of Law» #3 (27) 2016.


Editor's column
Kamyshansky V. P. Limits of freedom and restrictions of entrepreneurs rights in a competitive environment

Actual problems of modern law
Dzidzoev R. M., Averyanova V. R. The first constitutional documents in Kuban
Potapenko S. V. Civil judicial protection of honor, dignity and business reputation of Cossacks of the Kuban Cossack army during modern period
Kvacheva P. I., Bagdasaryan S. D. Theoretical legal aspect of social conditionality of justice activity
Leskova Y. G., Grigoryan V. S. Legal status of trade parties: questions of theory and practice
Dolgopolov K. A., Magomedov G. B. Issues of sentencing for crimes against justice
Zarubin A. V. Redemption of shares as a method of protection of pre-emption right
Kamyshanskaya S. V. Free software and information security of the Russian Federation
Kolomiyets E. A. On ratio of public and private start in property turnover
Rudenko E. Y. Saenko D. G. Immediate problems of share inheritance
Anufrieva E. A., Ladoshkin A. S. On issue of admissibility of uses of criminalistics experiences in civil, arbitration and administrative court proceedings
Popova L. I., Kostenko O. S. Inheritance law on trademarks and service marks

Legal science and practice of CIS countries
Murtazakulov D. S., Serova O. A. Integration of the regulatory model of Islamic lending to the Republic of Tajikistan in the Russian law: problems and prospects

Legal science and practice of Republic of Crimea
Sharmoyanc A. N. Centralization and unification of ma-nagement of hydro-meteorological concern in the USSR in the early 1930

Young scientists’ tribune
Kainov A. S. Functions of public prosecutor’s office
Varshavskaya L. Y. Civil legal regulation of price in service trade of housing and public utilities
Nesterova M. S. Features of transaction concluding by a restricted capable person
Medyakov T. S. Movement efficiency in law
Shaydurov I. V. The bring in income activity in Russian civil law
Chemerichko L. S. Features of property right relations with participation of public authorities and public legal entities

Critique and Reviews
Kamyshansky V. P., Marukhno V. M. Review of monograph by Y. N. Andreyev «Neighbour relations in civil law of Russia: theory and practice» (M.: Norma publishing house, 2016. 206 p.)
Tuzhilov-Ordanskaya E. M., Paraskevova S. A. Review of monograph «Modern problems of acquisition and protection of rights of participants of civil relations» /under the editorship of G. S. Demidova,
T. P. Podshivalov. M.: Yurlitinform, 2015. 328 p..
Tsybulenko Z. I., Rotan V. G. Review of «Handbook of judges in disputes of ownership» / under the editorship of S. V. Potapenko. Moscow: Prospect, 2016. 248 p.

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