«The Reign of Law»

Issue #2 (26) 2016

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We're announcing the last issue of «The Reign of Law» #2 (26) 2016.

The editor's column
Kamyshansky V. P. To the issue of the right of bowels sites usage in the science of civil law

Actual problems of modern law
Rotan V. G., Olefir V. A. To the issue of minors ability to make transactions
Leskova Y. G., Kobylinsky N. D. Unauthorized construction in the system of objects of civil law relations
Ruzanova V. D. The significance of RSFSR Civil Code of 1922 for the formation of native civil legislation
Gerasimov A. V., Danilov D. B. Increase of efficiency of legal advisers’ activity during the reforming of civil and arbitration process
Dorofeyeva Y. A. Nationalization and expropriation as the basis of forced termination of private ownership right by the state.
Kabanova I. E. The principle of balance between public and private interests in the doctrine and legal practice
Kozhokarj I. P. Legislation space as a defect of civil regulation mechanism
Kulitckaya L. I. Legal regime of human organs, tissues, cells and body after the death of the person without a will
Lebedeva E. N. Functions of modern Russian law as general theoretical category: concept, features, classification

Kurmayeva Y. D. Neighbor right (the restrictions of ownership right in the interests of neighbors): nature and correlation with similar legal structures
Ruzanova E. V. Delictual dispositive capacity as a precondition of underages’ participation in delict obligations

Legal science and practice of CIS countries
Murtazakulov D. S, Miraliyon K. A. Politological aspects of normative legal base of state policy for youth in Tajikistan: problems and perspectives
Achilova F. A. Some conditions of civil responsibility of participants of join-stock relations under the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan
Legal science and practice of Republic of Crimea Les G. G. Organization of sanitary-epidemiological guard of Black and Azov Sea region in 1930s

Young scientists’ tribune
Artamkina E. A. Summary of the British model of corporate contract
Buglak V. V. The concept of emission and equity securities
Bulanov M. S. Interest as a form responsibility for nonfulfilment of monetary obligations
Varshavskaya O. Y. Price forming in commitments with the participation of public formations
Kalachev J. V. Legal nature of the register of unscrupulous suppliers
Putrya K. E. Legal essence of a person’s development right on buildings or constructions in Russia and in France
Syatchikhin A. V. Stimulation of debtors to obligation discharge in pre-revolutionary civil right: tradition and prospects

Chemerichko L. S. To the issue of legal entities’ understanding of public law

Critique and Reviews
Kamyshansky V. P., Rudenko E. Y. Review of the textbook by Gadzhiev G. A. «Law and economics (methodology)»: Textbook for undergraduates, M.: Norma: Infra – M, 2016. 256 p.
Tanaga A. N. Review of the book by Zolotukhin A. V. «Civil means of entrepreneurial risk insurance». Dushanbe: «Andaleb R». 2015. 224 p.

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