«The Reign of Law»

Issue #1 (25) 2016

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We're announcing the last issue of «The Reign of Law» #1 (25) 2016.

Kamyshansky V. P. About law education and jurispru-dence in contemporary Russia: any results or the beginning of an end? (The editor's column) 14

Actual problems of modern law
Stankevich G. V. «Participation» and «membership» as background of corporate relations 30
Diakova T. Y., Mihaleva N. V., To the issue of the right of foreign citizens to elect and to be elected into local authorities 40
Ivanenko A. W. The unauthorized construction: analysis of innovations of Russian civil law 50
Didenko A. A. New rules of Civil Code about the ways to ensure the fulfilment of obligations 63
Ivanenko I. N., Chuieva A.S., Achmiz A.Y. About some problems of legal regulation of state service in the Russian Federation 73
Kabanova I. E. Measures of civil liability and their appli-cation to publis entities 81
Krykova E. S. Termination of housing rights: the ways of improving the legislation 91
Mihaleva N. V. Legal status of local authorities in the state mechanism of the USA 101
Kostenko M. A., Yarovaya V.V. Legal regime of complex objects in terms of modernization of Russian civil legislation 107
Rudenko E. Y., Kaunov A.M. Issues of accessority of inde-pendent guarantee 117

Legal science and practice of CIS countries
Zaborovsky V. V. Problematic issues of balance keeping between the authority of court and the necessity of a lawyer to perform his professional duty to protect client’s interests 124

Young scientists’ tribune
Afisov Y. V. Laws of a subject of the Russian Federation in the system of regional sources
of constitutional law 136
Bulat A. V. Corporate commercial organizations as sub-jects of civil relations 147
Warshavskaya O. Y. Price as a term of contract 154
Vergush K. V. Genesis of customs representative institute in contemporary Russia (1993-2010) 162
Wasyuchkova O. A. New rules about the ways of provid-ing the discharge of obligations in civil legislation of the Russian Federation 171
Karibjan S. O. Problems of ensuring alimony obligations fulfilment of parents against children and the liabil-ity at their failure 182
Poljanskaya Y. N. Meaning of the concepts «faith» and «religion» in law 188
Pushkareva A. N. Legal nature of protection medical se-crets by the legislation of the Russian
Federation 196
Syropiatova N. V. Reforming of chapter 45 of civil code of the Russian Federation «Bank Account» 204
Shemelev K. S. Conditions of damage compensation on contractual obligations of state agencies and local authorities 214
Urchenko E. O. Development and actuality of consumers’ informing in the field of financial services 224

Legal science and practice of Republic of Crimea
Blagodatnaya E. Y. Reorganization of management of chartered business in the USSR in the late 1920s and early 1930s 234
Gurina L. W. Formation of legislation about the office em-ployees of the Soviet merchant navy in 1917 248
Koshman V. A. District as a subject of the Russian Em-pire’s administrative territorial division during the reign of Catherine II on the sample of Taurian dis-trict 261
Koval A. V. Development of management system on trade marine ports in the USSR in 1923-1929 268
Ostrovsky A. A. Creation of correctional departments and legal foundations of their activity in the Russian Empire 278

Critique and Reviews
Abdudzhalilov A. Review of the monograph by Ka-myshansky V.P. and Karnushin V. E. «Civil legal re-lationship: social and psychological aspect». M.: Statute, 2016. – 222 P. 292
Kamyshansky V. P., Leskova Y. G. Review of the mono-graph by Kabanova I. E. «Civil liability of public en-tities: the experience of interdisciplinary research». Monograph. – M.: Usticinform, 2016. – 284 P. 298

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