«The Reign of Law»

Issue #4 (24) 2015

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We're announcing the last issue of «The Reign of Law» #4 (24) 2015.

Kamyshanskij V. P. From force of power, to power of law (The editor's column)

Actual problems of modern law
Tuzhilova-Ordanskaya E. M. To the question of subjective law as a civil law category
Ryzhenkov A. Y. Russian antitrust legislation: questions of goal – setting
Huzhin A. M. The general theory of civil law in the context of the modernization of civil legislation
Paraskevova D. V., Paraskevova S. A. Peculiarities of as-signment of claims under liabilities
Tsybulenko Z. I. Modernization of the rules of civil code of the Russian Federation on provision of execution of obligations
Chegovadze L. A. contract as a basis of civil – legal regulation
Kostenko M. A. The role of legal technique in the improve-ment of legal regulation of collision: from concept to the legislative practice
Karpychev M. V. Legal technique’s aspect of reforming of the civil legislation
Ruzanova V. D. The main trends of modernization of the modern civil legislation through the prism of the prob-lem of ensuring consistency in legal regulation
Lisecki S. K. The current trends of modernization of the modern civil legislation in the field of liquidation of legal entities
Povarov Y. S. The participant statement about with-drawal from limited liability company: questions of notarization
Marukhno V. M. The invalidity of a will with defects of the form
Ruzanova E. V. The questions of improving the legislation in the field of liability as a consequence of inflicting harm to underage citizens: theory and practice
Fomicheva N. V. Topical issues of identity – making meetings of business entities
Zakirova A. S. Features of legal regulation of marriage legal relationship
Rudenko E. Y. An irrevocable power of attorney and applica-tion prospects
Major I. G. Concession contract in civil law of Russia

Legal science and practice CIS countries
Abdudjalilov A. Modern approaches to theory civil relations

Tribune of young scientists
Abarinova M. D. To the question of the admissibility potesta-tive transactions in the Civil law of Russia
Akimova K. S. Unilateral refusal of execution of obligations as a novelty in the obligations law
Bulanov M. S. Interest on a monetary obligation in the new edition of the civil code of the Russian Federation
Vologina T. V. The main directions of optimization of process of legal education of today's youth
Ershova E. V. Compensation of moral harm as a way to pro-tect family rights and the measure of family – legal responsibility
Tihenko T. Ju. Volume contracts and framework con-tract: value concepts

Critique and Reviews
Demidova G. S. Review of the monograph of Lorentz D. V., "Vindication: the legal nature and problems of imple-mentation»" / the monograph. – Moscow: Infra – M, 2011. – 164 s. – (Scientific thought)

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