«The Reign of Law»

Vladimir P.Kamyshansky,

Doctor of Law, professor,Head of the Civil Law Chair in «Kuban State Agricultural University», Director of Modern Law Current Problems Research Institute», honorary member of higher professional education of Russian Federation, Honored Scientist of Kuban. 

Issue # 3 (31) 2017

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We're announcing the last issue of «The Reign of Law» # 3 (31) 2017.


Editor's column

Kamyshansky V. P. To the 80th birthday of Doctor of Law, Professor Zinoviy Ivanovich Tsybulenko - 14

Actual problems of modern law

Inshakova A. O., Kagal'nickova N. V. Conditionality of the legal status of legislative recognition of the powers of state corporations to implement public functions - 22

Ryzhenkov A. Y. About a concept and contents of the new legal cate-gory "civil law and order" - 32

Gerasimov O. A. On the question of the methodology of determining the effectiveness of legal regulations of relations in the real sector of economics - 45

Kicai Y. A. Efficiency of the mechanism of legal regulation of socially important markets - 56

Kozhokar' I. P. Axiological defects of the normative subsystem of the mechanism of civil law regulations - 69

Lipinskij D. A., Chuklova E. V. The issue of alternative sanctions in civil law - 93

Shmakov V. N., Sterlingov A. V The question of the relationships between public and private interests in cases of conflicts in the public service: theoretical and legal aspects - 108

Mikrjukov V. A. On practical application of the article 333 of Civil code of the Russian Federation - 121

Dolgopolov K. A., Dzhamalova B. B. The questions about the types of punishment imposed for computer crime - 137

Novikov R. V., Popova V. V. The main approaches to the legal regulations of the rights to public property in the leg-islative systems of France and Germany and domestic legislation - 146

Legal science and practice of CIS countries

Murtazakulov D. S., Kurbonov K. Sh. The principle of good faith in civil law: the prerequisites and foundation for the emergence - 157

Socio-legal mechanisms of energy saving

Kolomiec E. A. Legal regulations of energy supply and energy saving: social aspect - 184

Kamyshansky V. P., Kusainova A. K. Efficiency of the law-making process in the regulation of relations in the field of energy conservation (the case of the Krasnodar region) - 190

Young scientists’ tribune

Abdurahmanov S. A. Preconditions and results of the reform of the insolvency (bankruptcy) legislation of business entities in the Russian Federation - 208

Nizamova G. H. The doctrine of consistent behavior (estoppel) as a legal way of convalidation of voidable transaction - 217

Filonov A. V. The problems of legal regulations of the debt collection in the Russian Federation - 224

Girich E. A. The development of pension provision in the presoviet period - 232

Gulik A. G. Research of peculiarities of hermeneutics in legal science in the works of Emilio Betti -244

Panchenko P. V. Theoretical and methodological approaches to the determination of the place of the principle of cooperation of the parties in the principles of civil law - 252

Ruban D. E., Cechoev V. K. The influence of system of crimes on the development of repressive system of penalties in feudal inquisitional court in Russian empire - 270

Samohvalova A. J. Credit institution and its director as the legal entities for financial recovery - 281

Critique and Reviews

Tuzhilova-Ordanskaja E. M., Novikova S. V. Review of monography Ryzhik A. V. "Institutionalization-prosecution of owners 'interests" (Minsk: publishing house "Belarusian science", 2017. - 370 p.) - 292


Issue # 2 (30) 2017

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We're announcing the last issue of «The Reign of Law» # 2 (30) 2017.


Editor's column

Kamyshansky V. P. Renewable sources of energy and energy-saving: social and legal aspect (by the ex-ample of Krasnodar Krai) - 14

Actual problems of modern law

Paraskevova S. A. Decisions of arbitration courts on casesarising from administrative and other public relationships and considered in summary proceed-ings: problems of law enforcement practice - 26

Kvacheva P. I., Bagdasarjan S. D. The formation of the law enforcement activities associated with the pro-tection of public order during the formation of the Soviet state - 34

Leskova J. G., Kotov I. V. On the issue of optimization of the system of non-profit organizations’ property formation sources - 43

Mohov A. A. Legal support and legal protection of subjects of micro-entrepreneurship - 53

Ryzhenkov A. J. L. Duguit’s solidaristic philosophy of civil law - 60

Abdrashitov V. M. The legal doctrine of the presumption of nnocence in modern Russia - 72

Alekseeva A. P., Anisimov A. On the concept and classifi-cation of the types of ecological terrorism - 84

Filippov P. M., Kalinina N. N. A new definition of children’s orphanhood under the current Russian legislation - 99

Anisimov V. A. Theoretical issues of the definition of the basis of the consumer’s legal status - 106

Embulaeva N. J., Mihajlik A. A. The legal doctrine as a source of law and law enforcement - 115

Gerasimov O. A. Legislation of the concept of enterprise activity and its relation to the concept of production activity - 124

Zarubin A. V. Levying of execution on a share in common ownership - 136

Ruzanova V. D. «The zones of co-regulation» in the fields of civil law and family law: a conflicts problem - 144

Shehovcova A. S. On the registration of the agreement on assignment of the right for monetary requirement arising from the contract of lease subject to state registration - 155

Legal science and practice of CIS countries

Ryzhik A. V. Some trends of development of the doctrine of the owner’s interests as an object of institution-alization - 165

Legal science and practice of Republic of Crimea

Semenova E. G. Legal regime of subsoil plot as an object of civil rights - 177

Socio-legal mechanisms of energy saving

Kamyshansky V. P., Serebryakova S. A. Social and legal aspects of responsibility for unaccounted energy consumption - 191

Maruhno V. M., Rudenko E. Y. Using of renewable sources of energy: social, legal and economic aspects - 203

Young scientists’ tribune

Abarinova M. D. Classification of transgressive transactions and the scope of their application in civil law - 212

Borodinov V. V. Some features of the exercise of the servi-tor’s powers in case of a conflict of interests - 222

Varshavskaya L. Y. Functions and types of price in con-tract law - 229

Makarov V. O. The notion and features of legal procedures - 235

Ryazanova V. V. On legal and doctrine conceptions of de-fining the notion of intellectual property - 243

Gurova E. A. The notion of the creditor’s liabilities - 252

Emuhvari R. R. Determination of the contentof contractu-al rights for pledge - 258

Critique and Reviews

Lahno P. G. Review on the monograph by R. A. Amerkhanova, V. P. Kamyshansky, D. A. Kozyukova and B. K. Tsygankov «Normative and technical and legal regulation of renewable sources of energy in present-day conditions» (Krasnodar: KUBSAU, 2017. 104 P.) - 270

Issue #1 (29) 2017

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We're announcing the last issue of «The Reign of Law» #1 (29) 2017.

Obituary ………. 13
Editor's column
Kamyshansky V. P. Self-regulatory activities as an object of civil legal rights: limits and limitations 18
Actual problems of modern law
Deriugina T. V. Collision resolution issues in regulation of corporate relations 28
Kamyshansky V. P., Ogurtsova K. S. Acquisition of land plots for individual housing construction . 37
Leskova Y. G. On issue of protecting rights and interests of a debtor in contractual obligations . 47
Ryzhenkov A. Y. Actual problems of implementation of principle of biological diversity conservation 56
Umanskaya V. P. Balance of public and private interests in administrative law . 69
Abdrashitov V. M. Impact of judical reform of 1864 on the subsequent development of the principle of presumption of innocence in the tsarist Russia . 80
Gerasimov O. A. Legal means of providing business activi-ty in the real sector of the economy . 90
Davidova M. L., Kushniruk R. P. Digital informing as a form of e-democracy: peculiarities of legal regula-tion . 101
Dolgopolov K. A., Magomedov G. B. Application of other measures of criminal law: theoretical aspects 117
Osmanov M. H. Measures of civil liability for causing harm to environment . 125
Parshina N. V. Legal regulation of land property within the Black Sea Kuban Cossack troops (late 18th – early 19th century) . 130
Rudenko E. Y. Conceptions of trade and trading activities in works of pre-revolutionary and Soviet civil law specialists . 135
Chernyadyeva N. A. On necessity of matching of concept “international terrorist organization” in regional in-ternational organizations of Post-Soviet space (CSTO, CSO, CIS) 144
Legal science and practice of CIS countries
Skryabin S. V. Invalidity of transactions and its consequences . 157
Legal science and practice of Republic of Crimea
Mokrushin V. I., Alyabyshev M. S. Some problems of arbi-tration trials in the republic of Crimea with partici-pation of banks of Ukraine 187
Young scientists’ tribune
Atnabaeva Y. V. On issue of risk contracts and contin-gent transactions correlation . 196
Akinfieva V. V. Security payment and deposit in system of ways of ensuring the execution of obligations 206
Gaimaleeva A. T. Urgent problems of ensuring legal pro-tection of interests of citizens which are treaty par-ty of consumer loan. 216
Ostroukhova V. V. Notarization of transactions: problems and ways of their solution . 225
Slyusarev A. V. Right of permanent (perpetual) use in sys-tem of proprietary rights . 234
Turchin I. G. Possession and tenure in system of proprie-tary rights . 240
Critique and Reviews
Kamyshansky V. P., Marukhno V. M. Review of mono-graph by V. A. Rybakov «Theory of civil law func-tions (methodological and educational aspects)» (M.: Statut, 2015. – 135 p.) 248

Issue #4 (28) 2016

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We're announcing the last issue of «The Reign of Law» #4 (28) 2016.

Editor's column
Kamyshansky V. P. Development strategy of Russian sci-ence by 2035: Where do we go or roll? ………. . 15
Actual problems of modern law
Kamyshansky V. P., Sedova N. A. Development concept of civil legislation of the Russian Federation on building leasehold . 22
Barkov A. V. On necessity of corporate legal support of interaction of social oriented non-profit organi-zations and small business entities on market of social services . 34
Popova Y. A., Ilyushnikov D. S. Basic forms of mediation: pre-trial and trial . 46
Shepel T. V., Tkachenko T. V. Participation of citizens rec-ognized incapable due to mental disorder in marital
legal relationship 58
Ayusheeva I. Z. On issue of legal forms of non-profit or-ganizations . 67
Didenko A. A. On validity of concession contract of penal-ty clause rights after fulfillment of share building contract’s delay . 81
Korolev I. I. Performance of requirements in respect of Russian Treasure. Civil legal regimes and issues of concern . 92
Luneva E. V., Bikeev A. A. On essence of legal provisions of constitutional court of the Russian Federation and their role in rule-making activity . 101
Tkachenko T. V. Implementation of housing law by citi-zens at recognition their housing unsuitable for liv-ing or emergency . 114
Hovrina L. V., Polenov R. V. Sources of legal regulation of subsurface resources management 131
Rassokhina A. A. Implementation of principles of justice as an element of human rights policy 139
Legal science and practice of Republic of Crimea
Ignatov A. N. Perfection of crime counteracting mechanism as a constituent of national safety securing 147
Mokrushin V. I., Kostylev V. V. Questions of insolvency (bankruptcy) in the Crimea after reunification with Russia 157
Young scientists’ tribune
Arhireeva A. S. Genesis of institute of domestic public service 170
Avdonina O. S. On issue of consequences proportionality of violation of exclusive rights on example of legal entity liquidation as a defense method 182
Abarinova M. D. Potestative transactions: some questions of theory application practice 189
Buglak V. V. Initial stage of formation of legislation on equity securities in the Russian Federation . 200
Voroshilova G. G. Claim for recognition of property rights as a way of protection of property rights 208
Kochetkova T. Y. Claim of recognition of property rights to real estate and its place among proprietary pro-tection methods 215
Ladygina V. P. Principal doctrinal approaches to concept and types of notarial functions 228
Popova K. E. Content of concept «grain» in Russian civil law . 240
Hathohu R. M. On issue of definition and legal nature of optional agreements .249
Sohacheva M. S. Features of approval of major trans-actions and related party transactions 257
Critique and Reviews
Kamyshansky V. P., Sedova N. A. Review of monograph by T. S. Yatsenko «Civil legal protection of public interests» (M.: Statut, 2016. – 312 p.) . 266

Issue #3 (27) 2016

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We're announcing the last issue of «The Reign of Law» #3 (27) 2016.


Editor's column
Kamyshansky V. P. Limits of freedom and restrictions of entrepreneurs rights in a competitive environment

Actual problems of modern law
Dzidzoev R. M., Averyanova V. R. The first constitutional documents in Kuban
Potapenko S. V. Civil judicial protection of honor, dignity and business reputation of Cossacks of the Kuban Cossack army during modern period
Kvacheva P. I., Bagdasaryan S. D. Theoretical legal aspect of social conditionality of justice activity
Leskova Y. G., Grigoryan V. S. Legal status of trade parties: questions of theory and practice
Dolgopolov K. A., Magomedov G. B. Issues of sentencing for crimes against justice
Zarubin A. V. Redemption of shares as a method of protection of pre-emption right
Kamyshanskaya S. V. Free software and information security of the Russian Federation
Kolomiyets E. A. On ratio of public and private start in property turnover
Rudenko E. Y. Saenko D. G. Immediate problems of share inheritance
Anufrieva E. A., Ladoshkin A. S. On issue of admissibility of uses of criminalistics experiences in civil, arbitration and administrative court proceedings
Popova L. I., Kostenko O. S. Inheritance law on trademarks and service marks

Legal science and practice of CIS countries
Murtazakulov D. S., Serova O. A. Integration of the regulatory model of Islamic lending to the Republic of Tajikistan in the Russian law: problems and prospects

Legal science and practice of Republic of Crimea
Sharmoyanc A. N. Centralization and unification of ma-nagement of hydro-meteorological concern in the USSR in the early 1930

Young scientists’ tribune
Kainov A. S. Functions of public prosecutor’s office
Varshavskaya L. Y. Civil legal regulation of price in service trade of housing and public utilities
Nesterova M. S. Features of transaction concluding by a restricted capable person
Medyakov T. S. Movement efficiency in law
Shaydurov I. V. The bring in income activity in Russian civil law
Chemerichko L. S. Features of property right relations with participation of public authorities and public legal entities

Critique and Reviews
Kamyshansky V. P., Marukhno V. M. Review of monograph by Y. N. Andreyev «Neighbour relations in civil law of Russia: theory and practice» (M.: Norma publishing house, 2016. 206 p.)
Tuzhilov-Ordanskaya E. M., Paraskevova S. A. Review of monograph «Modern problems of acquisition and protection of rights of participants of civil relations» /under the editorship of G. S. Demidova,
T. P. Podshivalov. M.: Yurlitinform, 2015. 328 p..
Tsybulenko Z. I., Rotan V. G. Review of «Handbook of judges in disputes of ownership» / under the editorship of S. V. Potapenko. Moscow: Prospect, 2016. 248 p.

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